Driving Responsibly

After a great holiday weekend in Arizona with my sister Peggy and nephew Cole our fun ended on our way home on U.S. Highway 93 East of Kingman, AZ. After moving over in the passing lane and slowing down because vehicles up ahead were slowing due to construction ahead I glanced in the rear view mirror and like a bullet I just saw a big flash then bang!...we spun around 360 degrees into the on coming lane then rolled over twice into the ditch on the other side of the highway.....finally stopping upside down. When we stopped it took us minute to figure which way was up, but Jane and I were both conscious and were very relieved to see Vaughn above us in his baby seat screaming and looking at though he was only just really scared and not hurt. We got him loose and with some help from bystanders got him out the smashed rear window. Jane and I were both able to crawl out. Jane hit her head in the wreck and had a big bump and I just had some bruises and a few small cuts. Vaughn was fine after awhile when things calmed down and we were able to walk around outside for a little while. They estimated the guy that hit us was traveling around 100 mph and he ended up not having any insurance and everyone got the feeling that he pretended not to speak very good English. We took the ambulance to the hospital in Kingman to make sure everyone was OK and Jane had some X-Rays to be safe that everything was fine...but we had to spend the night and part of the day in Kingman because we couldn't find a rental car one-way back to Vegas. We ended up taking the only thing we could find. The largest U-Haul truck they make with a broken back door. We headed to the junk yard and tried to get our belonging out of the smashed trunk and the front which was full of metal, glass, Dr. Pepper, and baby formula (I can tell you right now that doesn't make for a good combination..) We headed back home where we finally were relieved and just wanted to sleep and relax. We feel more than blessed to have lived not to mention come away without any major injuries. It makes you grateful for everything you have and the material things don't seem as important as long as the ones you love are OK. Thank you everyone for all of your phone calls and all of your support and help. Please everyone drive safely (no speeding & talking on cell phones) and wear your seat belts!!