The New Blues Mobile

Cop tires...cop suspension...cop brakes...whadaya say...is it the new blues mobile?

After much (much much much) deliberation, we finally settled on a Subaru Forester. It was a hard decision between that and a Honda Odyssey. I (Jane again) wanted more than five seats for all those babies we will be having (Don't get too excited while reading this Mom), and Rick wanted the all wheel drive in the Subaru. I think he just doesn't want to drive a mini-van around. It might take a little edge off his cool factor. We went through the Costco auto buying program, which we would recomend to anyone who is thinking of buying a car, and we feel good about the purchase. We almost got suckered into getting a Subaru Tribeca at the dealership. It's so hard once you actually go there and see all the bigger, better, more beautiful cars that you can't afford. Luckily Rick reigned me in, and we stuck to the plan.