Use the Force

In a neighborhood far far away.......At first it was just given that Vaughnster was going to be a pumpkin for Halloween....But that didn't really fit him to well and he was a little fussy about it at the ward Halloween trunk or treat so, the Jedi council (Jane & I) decided that he would be Master Vaughnster.... Jedi Master with his own light saber and everything. Halloween was fun carving pumpkins etc....but Vaughn didn't really care much other than he got to run around outside in the dark and have people give him candy which he just discarded on his way to the next house. I don't know if it was the neighborhood, but there were very few trick or treaters and we ended up with a unusually large amount of candy which was quickly transferred to the office. Halloween was always an important time as a kid where early on you would plan the best route for acquiring the most candy (apartments etc.) and then following the run your would start the bartering session which strategic trades would take place in order to acquire that snickers bar for 5 smarties (what a deal). Later on in the teenager years Halloween became a time where you could finally put those saved rolls of toilet paper, fireworks and explosives to use and reap havoc in the neighborhood. I don't think that Halloween is the same at least where we are.............. We hope everyone is doing well and we love to
hear from you all. So give us a call and tell us how everyone is and how things are going. We are looking forward to the holidays and seeing all of our family and Friends.
Rick & Jane & Vaughnster