The Best Neighbors I've Ever Had

Yesterday we spent the day with my wonderful neighbor Karyl and her wonderful daughter Kandyce. They have lieved here since August, and live across the street from me. Karyl is a wonderful friend to me and feels like family, and Kandyce is like a big sis to Vaughn. We love our visits with them. They are so happy, have great senses of humor, and are always helpful to me. Vaughn adores both of them. Everytime we go outside he tries to run accross the street to their house.
Karyl has helped me with my cooking skills, is always wonderful to visit with, and is a great example of what it means to be a great Mom. Whenever Kandyce is here she is playing with Vaughn, taking care of him, and even cleaning my house (even though I constantly tell her to stop it)! I just had to put a picture of them in here. Being away from family is a little bit easier when I have great people like this right next to me. Love you guys!