Don't Throw Your Food!

Tonight at dinner Vaughn started throwing his food on the ground and at us. This has become the usual with Vaughn after he doensn't want to eat any more. Rick told him "Vaughn, DO NOT throw your food!" A few minutes later I let Vaughn down, because he was obviously done, and he reached up, grabbed some of his food off the table and very gently placed it on the floor. The whole time he was looking up at Rick with this proud look on his face like "see Dad, I'm a good boy. I'm not throwing my food." Rick and I both laughed and thought it was pretty cute.

I know our floor isn't always clean (mostly because of Vaughn), but honestly, I don't know why he wants everything on the floor. He does this with everything. If he can reach it, he grabs it and throws it on the floor. Hopefully this stage will pass fast! It's starting to drive me crazy, and getting a dog who will eat what he throws is starting to sound better and better to me.

After dinner Vaughn and Rick played upstairs and read books while I cleaned up dinner. It's one of my favorite times of day when the two of them play and I get a break from the little guy. It's so cute to hear his little footsteps running all around upstairs and to hear both of them laughing and chasing each other.