Happy Birthday Amanda!

Today my sister-in-law Amanda turns the big 30! Here are a few pictures of her and her adorable family that I stole from their flickr website. The top two are with my oldest brother Clark and their daughter Claire (2), and the bottom is with her and Claire and the newest addition to their family, baby Lucas. One of the great things about Amanda is that she has become the family photogropher. She has thousands of pictures that she's taken through the years of family events and her day to day life. Not only is she great at taking pictures, she makes the CUTEST scrapbooks I have ever seen (and she never seems to fall behind). Our family would be almost pictureless without her.
Amanda was the first sister-in-law to enter our family. I have great memories even from the beginning of her becoming an Emett, of her energy and enthusiasm for life. She is one of those people who is always busy, always working hard, and is always excited about what she is doing. It's hard to not be smiling when you are around her.
She is also very thoughtful. She makes really cute cards and sends them for fun occasions. I still remember a really cute card she made for me before I ran my marathon telling me good luck, a cute card before I had Vaughn telling me to "hang in there" and an anniversery card she sent to Rick and I. So thoughtful!
I'm so glad and lucky to have her for a sister. Have a great day Amanda! Love you and miss you!
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