A Love Poem

Well I'm about to do something I rarely do-- share a poem I wrote with you. It's a love poem, which is definately not my norm, and I just wrote it tonight, so it's very un-revised etc... I'm sorry to do this to you all. It's just Valentines Eve, and I've got love on my mind. So...here goes.

A Love Poem

Tonight our son sleeps
between us, heavy with sickness.
He burrys his face in your shoulder
and says oh daddy, oh daddy,
his small toes fanned beneath my chest
like warm pink pebbles

There are moments I wake to the fullness
of my love--
your fingers so soft on my back
pale want of moonlight on my neck
the soft distance between us--
memory thin and delicate
like petals or wing beats

I try to hold them for us--
cup them in the cresent moon
of my hands beside you
your two round faces, silver
in this thread of light
each mouth
each night
its own world

I think this love
has always been here
waiting for you