Vision Board

Yesterday was just one of those days. I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning and doing laundry (yes, my house was that messy, and I had that much laundry. We started at 6 in the morning and I didn't finish until 7pm. I did manage to get a walk in the morning and take a nap with Vaughn. I also lost my digital camera that Rick gave me for the Mother's Day before Vaughn was born which made me very sad. Then Rick had to leave for Redlands California in the evening to defend his MIP in the morning. I was going to go with him, but by that point I was exhausted, and felt we'd be more of a distraction to him than anything. I put Vaughn in my room since Rick was gone, and he tossed and turned and kept me awak until 2am when I finally got some sense and put him in his own crib. We both slept beautifully after that until he woke up again at 6.

The great thing about days like yesterday, is that it makes days like today all the better. The first (and most important) great thing about today is that Rick PASSED his defense! Horray! The second great thing is that my friend Janet found my camera! Horray! It was also beautiful here in Vegas so we went to the park and played and did all sorts of fun stuff-- and the house was clean and the laundry was done. Horray! I also decided to start a "vision board." It was an idea that they had on the Oprah show that I really liked. Here is a picture of mine: It's not much to look at yet, but it will be. It's basically just a place where I can put visual reminders of my goals, my dreams, and aspirations.
I'm definatlely someone who loves thinking about the future. I get very excited dreaming about the things that I want to do and acomplish. I remember one time laying in bed thinking about all the things I wanted to do in life. I had just recently moved back home with my parents, and had gotten out of a serious relationship. I was working a part time job, trying to finish college, and didn't have much going for me. I was thinking about having a great job, finishing school, having a family etc... when suddenly a voice came into my head that said "THEN WORK!" It surprised me, but it stuck with me. From then on I thought about that every single day. I adopted two quotes that have become my favorite. The first is "You must be the change you wish to see in the world", and the second is "Never leave until tomorrow, what you can do today." I thought about those (and still do) all the time. It helped me realize that when something wasn't going my way that I had the power to change myself, to work a little harder, and to become a better person.
Little by little things opened up for me, and eventually when I look back on that day I can see that God has by far blessed me with more than I even dreamed of. I know that vision without hard work is nothing.
I'm extremely lucky to have had GREAT examples of hard work. My parents have always been hard workers. As a child I always remember them working-- my Dad at his job and around the house, and my Mom cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. Even in their leisure they spent their time helping other people, developing their own talents and interests, nourishing friendships, making time for us, and helping us with school and projects. Another great example is my Mother-in-law, Fran who passed away in April. She was an extremely hard worker. She was always cleaning or cooking, or quilting or helping someone decorate their house. Even a day before she passed away she was trying to pull a tree up from her yard. She was an amazing, sweet, and talented woman. I hope that someday I can become more like these people.
Sorry for such a long post.