A Wonderful Trip to Arizona

Big shoes to fill...Vaughn wearing his cousin Cole's shoes-- size 13!

Peggy (left) holding Vaughn, and Kathryn (Right) So cute!

Skatin' to relate! Vaughn loved sitting at the top of the driveway and rolling down (with one of us on the back of course)

Playing in the grass (wouldn't grass be nice! I can live with rocks though. You don't have to mow them)

Our first morning there, Vaughn was so excited to explore a new house. I have to say Peggy has one of the cutest houses EVER, and has incredible decorating talent. I tell her all the time she needs to start her own business.

Cole and Vaughn. Awww. My favorite picture from the trip.

Roasting marshmellows in Peggy's backyard. After Vaughn went to sleep we just sat out by the fire and visited. It was so nice! I want to get one of these for our backyard. The best thing is that Vaughn couldn't reach the fire because it's surrounded by the granite.
Carolyn and her girls Juliana (left) and Melia (Right) and her new baby boy, Grant. What a cute family!
We went to Gilbert Arizona this weekend to visit Rick's sisters Peggy and Kathryn and their families. We stayed with Peggy, and had a wonderful time. We always love staying there, and always wish we had more time to spend! I have to say that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world. Not only do I have a wonderful family that I love to spend time with, I married into a wonderful family as well. I am always impressed when I spend time with his family, at how talented, smart, and caring they all are. There really isn't a better group of people.

We had a really fun weekend. We arrived late Friday night without any glitches. Vaughn was great for the drive. On Saturday Peggy had Kathryn and her family over and we had a fun time visiting with everyone. That night we sat in Peggy's back yard and roasted marshmellows and made S'mores. Vaughn LOVED them, and so did we! Other hightlights to the weekend were Vaughn skateboarding on Rick's nephew Cole's skateboard, and going to the pond by their house. Vaughn loved chasing the ducks, and playing at the playground nearby. He can climb up the stairs by himself now, and slide down the slides all by himself. He loves it!

We were sad to come home, but all things must come to an end. Vaughn wasn't quite as good on the drive home. He didn't want to drive in the car any longer and let us know how he felt. We stopped at a gas station to get lunch (there were no restaurants or stores we could stop at), and he had a very nutritious lunch of raisenets and ritz crackers with "cheese" in them (No, I do not always feed him this way). He ended up sucking all the chocolate off the raisenets and spitting the rasins out. I discovered this after I got him out of his car seat, and there were raisins all over the place, and had a good laugh about it.

Thanks Peggy, Cole, Kathryn & family for a fun weekend!