A Fun and Fabulous Week in Utah

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but EVERY time I go out of town, I ALWAYS forget something, and this time it just happened to be my camera (dang...but better than last time I went to Utah and didn't bring any G's and had to buy all new ones). Anyway...you will just have to use your vivid imaginations while I describe our wonderful week. When my sister-in-law Amanda, who never forgets her camera, adds pictures to their online account, I will put some on here.

Vaughn and I left on Friday morning to visit my family. We couldn't take Rick with us because with his new company he doesn't get any vacation or sick time for 6 months. We were sad to leave him, but excited to see family. We had a fun filled week, and I'm so glad we got to spend so much time with family. Here are the highlights from our trip:

  • On Friday night my oldest brother Clark, his wife Amanda and their two little kiddies Claire (2) and Lucas (5 months) came over to my Mom and Dad's for dinner and visiting. Clark is one of the smartest people I know, and it was so fun to get to visit with him. He and my Dad talked a ton of politics (which is a favorite topic of discussion in my family) and it was fun to soak up some intelligent political discussion. I usually just sit back and listen and jump in here and there, because they are just so well informed and educated and seem to know about everything. I always learn something when I talk to them. Claire and Lucas are cute beyond description.
  • Saturday morning Amanda and her kids and Vaughnster and I all went to the Thanksgiving point Easter egg hunt. It was CRAZY! We got there about two seconds before the hunt started and there was a hoard of people lined up around the field. As soon as they said "go" there was a huge swarm of 0-3 year old kids with their parents on the field. I just started laughing because half of the kids were terrified by how many people there were, and half were screaming because they didn't get any eggs. Anyway...Vaughn didn't care about the eggs and was happy just to run around. It was fun even if it was really busy.
  • Saturday evening my Mom and Dad and Vaughn and I went to Wheeler Farm and had lots of fun. I spent a lot of time there as a kid, so it was great to see Vaughn enjoy it.
  • I watched "Becoming Jane" with my Mom and Dad on Saturday night which was fun and relaxing, and was a great movie. It was nice to watch a "chick flick" without Rick making disparaging comments in the background.
  • Easter Sunday was a BLAST! My Mom totally knows how to throw a killer party and everyone except Rick and Clark was able to be there. I have the CUTEST nieces and nephews in the world, and it was so fun to see them and hold them. We had a great and yummy dinner and then we had an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. Then my Mom has a fun tradition of having the grandkids help her hide Easter eggs for the adults (which have money in them!) Yehaww! I must say that I totally got my fair share and took home $15 big bucks. She also had all the grandkids wear these really cute sunflower headbands and we all sang "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam." It was really cute.
  • Monday I went with my sister-in-law Sally to Game Night Games in Sugarhouse, which is this totally awesome game store, and got myself a few games. I got to spend some time with her little baby Daniel, who is the newest addition to our family. He is so cute, and I just love him. It's always fun to spend time with Sally. She's fun and cute and a great new Mommy!
  • Monday night we had a family game night (with my new games) and Family home evening at my brother Paul and his wife Beth's house. It was loads of fun, and then I got to sleep over there. I love spending time with their family. They are always great to be around and are great friends and family, and of course as I've already said a million times, have the cutest darn kids ever.
  • Tuesday morning my Mom, Amanda, Beth and I and all the kids went to Classic Skating in Sandy. Now I have to say this just topped the trip off. It was SO much fun. I have so many great memories of going there as a kid. We got season passes every year, and they have done much to improve it with a huge jumping zone and jungle and all sorts of stuff. I think I had more fun than even Vaughn, and I even strapped on some roller skates for old times sake and cruised around with Vaughn. I have to say that in another life I must have been a disco skater or something. Skating just makes me want to shake it. For any of you Utah-visitors this is a must-go-to destination!
  • Wew! Now if any of you are wondering why I'm tired...I have only described some of my trip! Good times were had, but we're glad to be safely home and back to Rick. Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend! Sorry this post is so long!