Happy 18 Month Day Vaughn!

Rick took this the other night after giving Vaughn a bath. As soon as we get him out of the tub he runs around naked like a crazy man. I guess he got tired after all that running and decided to take a break in the laundry basket.

This morning Vaughn grabbed Rick's glasses (that I make fun of everytime he wears them--he's had them probably since I was in elementary school) and put them on. Maybe Rick will pass them down to him.

I know this isn't acutally a birthday or anything, but I'm just excited to reach another mile marker with this cute kid. I can't believe how old he is getting. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Here is a cute video of him and Rick playing on our bed.

Today we were driving home from the post office and he just suddenly burst out laughing, which totally cracked me up, because I have no idea what was so funny. That got both of us going, and we were laughing the whole way home. We love you Vaughnster!