If life came with an instruction manual, I'm sure it would tell anyone with young children, or planning on having children in the near future to avoid these kinds of door knobs in their homes. I personally am happy that life doesn't come with an instruction manual. It wouldn't be nearly as entertaining with one, but I must say that these stupid door knobs that we picked out for our house have lead to many a disaster so far. They are extremely easy for even the smallest toddler to open and as far as I know there is no way to kid proof them. Here are a few examples:
  • This Saturday morning I was sitting in the kitchen visiting with my Dad. Vaughn was playing in the living room and went down the hall for a moment (which is out of my view). This is nothing new-- he's always on the move. Little did I know that the front door was not locked and that he opened it up and went outside. My Mom came downstairs a few minutes later and asked where Vaughn was. I said "he's in the hallway." She said "No he isn't." The three of us rushed to the door and there was our Vaughnster all the way down the street (FAR down the street) in the middle of the road in his little footsy pajamas, happy as can be and jabbering away. Thank goodness nothing happened to him! It was funny, but it totally freaked me out.
  • Every day, a million times a day Vaughn opens up the pantry when he is hungry or bored and starts looking at everything while he says "hmmm" (like "hmmm what should I eat?") Then he brings me whatever he can reach and wants me to open it for him. He's also getting really good at climbing up onto the garbage, which really creates problems. He has broken and ruined too many things in there to even name. He also dumps the garbage out at least twice a week. It drives me CRAZY!
  • He is constantly getting into the bathrooms and especially loves the toilet bowls (I know, ewww) and the toilet paper. There are so many times that he picks some object up while he is near the bathroom and I can just see his face light up with excitement (This would be SO cool to throw in the toilet!). Then off he goes towards the toilet with his object while I'm sprinting after him telling him to STOP, which just makes him laugh and run faster.
  • Vaughn loves opening the door that opens to the garage and throwing things out there. Every time we go into the garage we find some little treasure that he has decided would look better in the garage. Mixing bowls, earrings, shoes, books. You name it.

I know this comes with the toddler territory, but seriously all you out there who don't have older kids yet, save yourself some trouble and get the regular kind of door knobs that you can kid proof and that are harder for them to open. You will thank me for it later!