It's a Boy!

Today I went and had my first ultrasound done. I'm 16 weeks so it's still kind of early, which is why he looks so skinny, but I've been really anxious to see if everything is okay with the baby. Everything looked totally normal and good. I've also been worried that I might be having twins, because my belly is already huge, and Rick keeps telling me that he thinks it is twins (I love Rick, but I have to say that is probably one of the worst things you can say to a pregnant woman-- luckily I don't mind making fun of myself). I'm so excited to have a little boy. I think it will be so fun to have two little boys who can play with each other, plus we already have tons of boys clothes, so I really won't have to buy anything.

I had my neighbors and good friends Karyl and Kandyce come with me to the ultrasound, and it was so much fun. The new little guy was sleeping through most of it and had his arms up above his head and his legs crossed. From almost the beginning of the pregnancy I've been telling Rick that I just have a feeling that this new baby is going to be a really laid back and relaxed little thing (which is the complete opposite of Vaughn, even from the very beginning). It was funny because in the ultrasound that's exactly what he looked like-- laid back and relaxed. I guess time can only tell. I know he sort of looks like a little alien, but isn't he so cute?