Random Pictures, Random Memories

So...I have a bunch of cute pictures and memories that I want to share, but none of them are really related, so this will just have to be a random post.

This weekend is a weekend of rebates coupons and gift cards! Rick came home yesterday with Guitar Hero III for the Wii that he bought with our Costco rebate. I'm excited to play it with him tonight. Then today he and Vaughn went to REI to buy a bike rack and a new tent with our REI rebate and 20% off coupon. We're going camping this coming weekend to either Zion or Bryce. Then later we went to Wal-Mart and used a gift card that we've had since Christmas to get Vaughn his first Bike! Doesn't he look cute with his classic blue jeans, white T-shirt and red bike? He's already learned how to pedal which I think is awesome. He just tips over and falls over to get off the bike though. We'll have to work on that one.

Yesterday we went with Karyl and Kandyce to the Town Center shops just off of 215 on the strip (By Fry's electronics). They have a fun play area that Vaughn loved. Kandyce must have taken this cute picture while he was playing because it was on my camera this morning and I didn't take it. Thanks Kandyce-- great camera work! Have I mentioned how much I love my neighbors? They are thinking of moving to another area of town. Everyone send "please don't move" vibes their way! No, I will totally support them and be happy for whatever is best for their family, but my heart would be broken. Just today Vaughn ran over to their door while they were gone and kept knocking on it. We love them to death.

I took this on Friday morning after Vaughn got out of the shower. I know I just recently put another naked picture of him on here, but I just couldn't resist this pose. What a cutie.

This picture was on my camera when I got home from my trip to Utah. I wish I could take credit for this delicious meal, but it's all Rick. He's a wonderful cook. He made French onion soup. Yum. I think it's cute that he took a picture of it.

I took these next two pictures because it cracks me up. Vaughn picked up a book that I've been reading called "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis. A few minutes later he was, as seen below, sleeping on the floor. Looks like it was a little too heavy of reading for the little guy to handle.

This is the Casey's new English bulldog, named Lucy. She is so cute and is such a fun little puppy. It's nice to have friends with a dog so that we can play with her and love her. I've been trying to learn how to use photoshop so I experimented a little with the picture. Sorry, I'm still a newby to the program, but I'll get better!

As for the random memories...while driving home from Utah I had lots of time to think and had several random memories and thoughts come up, as often happens on long car drives. I thought I'd share just a few for fun:

  • When I went to school at Southern Utah University I worked at Convergys call center for a year or so. I used to have to call people in the Midwest for the local telephone company there called Ameritech. I had LOTS of really interesting calls, but one of them still cracks me up. I was talking to a much older man, who was very sweet, and very confused. After talking to him for about 10 minutes he got really frustrated and said really loudly "Just tell me one thing! I bought my phone from Wal-Mart! Why is Ameritch charging me for it!?" I wish you could have heard his voice, because this will never do the call justice. He was my favorite person I ever talked to there.
  • I have the coolest Dad. Well, actually both of my parents are really cool, but on this drive I was thinking a ton about my Dad. Something about my trip to Classic Skating triggered memories of my childhood. My Dad used to take me on "Daddy daughter dates" once in a while, which was really fun and really special to me. I have lots of memories of he and I going roller skating when I was a little girl, and him holding my hand and skating with me around the rink. He also used to do "Fathers interviews" with me and my brothers a few times a year. He would sit with us out in the backyard by the rose bushes with his Franklin planner and talk to us about how our lives were going, and what our goals were etc... I have to clarify that this isn't the only time he talked to us this way. He always spent time visiting and playing with us, but this was just a more formal and one-on-one time that we got with him. What a cool Dad. He's the best!
  • I was thinking about my third year of girls camp. They were having this really spiritual night the last night of camp where we were out in this field, and they had these stations set up with women representing each of the Young Women colors and values. We would rotate by ward. I have to set this story up by saying that I was a really bratty teenager, and I hated stuff like this. I always felt like I was being forced to have a spiritual experience, when I just wanted to have fun. I feel bad about it now, but I'm sure karma will come back to me and I'll either have a daughter just like me or they'll make me the Young Women's President some day. Anyway...I was standing there in the field when suddenly I felt something like a weed in my pant leg. I started to shake it when something bit me. I said "ouch!" and everyone turned and gave me dirty looks. Then something bit me again and I said "OUCH!" which was followed by a bunch of Shhhh's and Be Quiet's! When things kept biting me I really started to holler and finally people started to realize I wasn't just goofing off. An older girl helped me get my pants off, and a swarm of hornets flew out of my pants. I had stepped on a hornets nest. It was dark so no one really knew what was going on. One of the leaders got bit too and she yelled "Ouch! It got me too!" This is when the mayhem really started. As long as I live I will never forget it. I got pushed over onto my back and there was this huge group of girls screaming their heads off running in the other direction. Pretty soon this created mass panic at all of the stations. We're talking hundreds of girls here. Everyone was hysterically crying and screaming. There were all sorts of rumors going around of what had attacked me. I heard everything from snake to a wild cow! It took a couple of hours to settle everything down. They had a special tent just to calm the really hysterical girls down and to give them blessings and everything. I was totally fine after getting back up. I got bit about 20 times, but luckily I'm not allergic or anything. I just remember looking around at the mass chaos, and the spiritual night that had been ruined and thinking "This is TOTALLY awesome!"

Well I guess that's enough for one post! Hope you all are having a great weekend!