I was feeling sad at dinner tonight because as much as I adore being a mother by the time I get to dinner time I just feel like screaming some nights "I JUST WANT TO EAT MY DINNER IN PEACE AND QUIET!" Am I alone in feeling this way? It's not like that every night, mind you, but tonight was one of them. Part of this is my problem. Since the time Vaughn started eating solids, I just transitioned into always eating with him. He just always seemed to want what I was eating, and I figured it would help him develop a taste for adult foods, and hey, it's just easier preparing one thing. So Vaughn and I sit and eat our breakfast together, and snacks together, and lunch together etc. By the time dinner rolls around I am exhausted and this is usually when Vaughn gets cranky, and I would really love to just sit and enjoy a conversation with Rick and not have Vaughn start throwing his food all over, fussing to get down, and then fussing to sit in my lap, and fighting with me over my fork etc... It would be nice to actually enjoy my meal. Sigh...I guess that's what date night is for. And I guess when he gets old enough to talk, it will be fun to visit with him at least.

On a happier note...here is a picture of my new herb garden:

Just looking at it makes me happy. We have Sage, Cilantro and Basil. I've been using them as much as possible. I won it last week at a service auction we had for enrichment. I felt like the luckiest girl in the room! Desere'e made it, who is an expert in gardening (and a whole lot more). Aren't fresh herbs the best?