Girls, Girls, Girls...

Last Thursday we had a fun and happin' girls night to celebrate the birthdays of a few great girls I know-- Kate, Denett, Emily and Amy. We took over the back room of BJ's in Summerlin, and enjoyed some deserts and girl time. I think 34 people showed up-- no surprise, these girls are awesome-- who wouldn't want to celebrate a birthday with them?

Last Saturday Karissa threw a killin' shower for Katie Miner. There were fun games, great food, and great girls there. I think there were eight or nine of us there who were pregnant! Sheesh...must be something in the water here. Katie was of course adorable and 5 centimeters dialated! She said she wasn't in any pain, but couldn't wait for her little girl to get here. What a trooper! I haven't heard yet how everything went, but I'm hoping everything is great. Thanks Karissa, for a fun afternoon!