How do I love thee...let me count the ways...

Many of you have heard me speak praise for my neighbors, so let me elaborate on why I love them. This morning I was feeling just plain crappy. I just wanted to crawl in a cave and sleep this stupid cold off that I've had for 3 weeks now. So, sweet little 11 year old Kandyce calls me and asks if she can come over and spend some time over here. She came over, insisted on cleaning my house, played with Vaughn, changed TWO poopy diapers of his and dressed him. She then insisted that I go up and take a shower while she played with Vaughn. You can imagine the kind of wonderful person she is and the wonderful parents she has that have raised such a daughter. Oh, did I mention that she also refused to let me pay her for babysitting yesterday while I went to the doctors? I had to practically threaten to never let her come over again to get her to take it. Seriously, this girl is golden, and I thank Heaven for such wonderful people in my life.
I asked her today if she would be interested in babysitting any one else's kids, and she enthusiastically said yes. So...if any of you parents are interested in a fabulous girl to babysit for you, let me know and I'll divvy out the info. She turns 12 in August, and is currently being home schooled by her Mom, so she is also available to sit in the day time.
Thank you Kandyce, you are truly one of a kind!
Jane and Vaughn