The Newest Hair Product

Vaughn has found a very affordable and easy way to style his hair lately...snot. Yes that's right folks, I said snot. We've had some nasty colds here for the past few weeks, and his new favorite thing to do is when his nose starts running, he wipes it on his hand, looks at it, rubs his hands together, and then rubs it all over his hair like it's hair gel. Rick blames this on me for putting product in his hair. He likes me to leave it as is, as if hair gel takes away some of his masculinity. He just doesn't understand that men do this sort of thing now (hair gel, not snot). That is of course understandable, since Rick hasn't had any hair since the nineties.
Vaughn's gross habit is transferring to all sorts of things now. Just this afternoon before his nap he rubbed cream of broccoli soup all over his hair. Maybe it will work as some sort of deep conditioner, since I refuse to wash his hair since I just gave him a bath this morning. I did rinse it off in the sink, though. Hey, maybe he'll give me some brilliant ideas to start my own hair care line (Toddler Tresses...?).
So for all of you out there who have regular contact with my son...you might not want to touch his hair for a while. I'll let you know when he grows out of this lovely stage.