Warm Weather

I gave Vaughn a hair cut this afternoon. He was in dire need of one, and since the weather has warmed up I'm sure this will feel nice for him. He didn't like it one bit, but I was able to bribe him with cookies and put a movie on so that he would hold still long enough to complete my mission. I must say that my skills are improving quite a bit since the first hair cut I gave him. I love how the short hair really brings out his facial features more. Wadaya think?

We've been putting him in his shorts pj's the last couple of days. I got so excited to pull these out after having him in footsy pj's for so long. I love how you can see the little chub in his arms and legs. They are just too cute.

And I got myself a new toy yesterday-- a snow cone maker. I figured it would be fun to have, and a good treat for my pregnant self during the hot summer. Any of you Vegans (that is, those of you who live in Vegas, not those of you who don't eat animal products...although I don't have a problem with that if you don't eat animal products-- you're welcome too) who would like to come hang out with the Harris's and eat snow cones, please be our guest! They are yummy. And while I'm on the subject, how come there are no snow cone huts anywhere? They used to be all over when I was a kid. Was that just a Utah thing, or have the times changed?
Shine on hot Vegas sun. We are ready for you now!