Backyard Bliss

Last weekend we were extremely lucky to have my twin brothers Scott and Craig come down and work (slave) in our backyard. They came down on Thursday night and worked on Friday and Saturday. They have both worked for landscaping companies before their missions, and during the summers while in school, so they know what they are doing. Scott brought his wife Heidi, and Craig brought his girlfriend Celeste. I love both of my baby brothers and their "girls," and am so grateful for all of the hard work and help that they gave us. We could not have done this without them!

Rick and Craig and Vaughn hard at work. Vaughn loved being outside with the men "helping." He's quite scratched and bruised up after the weekend, but that just means he's tough right?

The girls (Heidi in pink, Celeste in maroon) and I decided that while the boys were working hard, we would go and get pedicures! No, really these girls were and are amazing. They helped out so much taking care of Vaughn while I ran to the nursery a zillion times, and helped with cleaning and cooking etc... Vaughn has a huge crush on both of them. He kept batting his eyelashes, kissing them, sitting on their laps etc... I've never seen him act that way around a girl. But really, what guy wouldn't have a crush on them? They are beautiful, sweet, smart, and fun to be around. I try not to get too attached to the girls that my brothers date, but I will be so sad if Celeste isn't part of our family some day. She's such a keeper.

Vaughn palling around with Craig and Celeste, Scott and Heidi taking a little break, and Vaughn chilling with uncle Scott. He grabbed his hat and went and sat by him. My brothers were both so playful and cute with him. Vaughn had so much fun. Every morning I would say "Vaughn, do you want to go downstairs and see Scott and Craig and Heidi and Celesete?" and he would just get a huge smile and huge eyes and start emphatically saying "Okay, Okay!"

This is the yard mostly finished. I am a really terrible photographer, so this really doesn't capture it well, but I absolutely LOVE our backyard. Vaughn goes out and plays in it every morning. It just makes our house seem complete now. It makes me happy every day.

Don't they clean up nicely? This was taken right before church on Sunday. My brothers are so great. They are both so busy just finishing school for the semester, starting internships for the summer, and balancing social lives and church callings, and they still made time to come help us. The girls also have busy schedules and never complained even though it wasn't much of a vacation for them. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I love you guys.