Be.A.Uty.Ful Zion

Rick and Vaughn and I took a quick weekend trip to Zion. Doesn't it just make you sigh looking at this picture? It's always a breath of fresh air to me when I visit Zion. I think it's my favorite place on earth to go, and definitely one of the biggest "pluses" about living in Vegas. I love being a quick 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive away. As corny as it sounds, something about the combination of red rocks, green trees, the river, and blue sky just speaks to my soul. I don't know how many camping and backpacking trips our family has made in this place-- too many to count for sure, but they are some of my happiest childhood memories.

We left early Saturday morning and got back Yesterday afternoon. Here are some pictures from our trip:

I'm sad to say these are the only pictures we took. We really need to get better at taking pictures on trips. The last trip we took to Zion was in early November, and we took more pictures. Since I don't have a post on our blog about that trip, here are some pictures of that:

I have to say that I think Fall is the best time to visit Zion. The leaves are changing colors, it's cooler, and there are a lot less people. On our trip in November, Vaughn was just barely over a year old, and boy those few months make a huge difference. He has gotten so fast at getting away from us! We were chasing him all over the place this weekend.

On Saturday we were on a short little hike and we stopped by the river to "relax" (yeah right). Vaughn enjoyed throwing rocks in the river. It kept him entertained for a long time, but we had to keep a tight grip on him the entire time. When we were about to leave, I let go of Vaughn for 1 second (no exaggeration), to put the camera down, and Vaughn ran full speed ahead, and tripped or jumped right into the very swift river face first. He became completely submerged in water. I had to jump in after him, and about died of a heart attack. There were tons of people just gasping and staring at us. It was a memorable moment. :-) Vaughn just has no fear. I try not to be an overprotective parent, but I almost have to be with him. We then headed to the lodge, where they have a nice big green grassy field where we thought he might get to run around and have some more freedom, but unfortunately the place had a lot of people sitting and eating lunch, and one of Vaughn's favorite things to do, is to try and steal people's water bottles and soft drinks and get a little taste of his own. He was going all over to people, giving them his cute smile, chatting for a minute, and then going in for the kill. Again, we were chasing him around the place saying, "No Vaughn...that's not yours!" He thought it was great fun.

It was a nice little trip, but I must say I'm a little exhausted. Maybe when the new baby gets here I'll have a little more energy to run around with Vaughn. That or we'll have to get a leash for him.

Vaughn had a lot of fun. He loved the tent, and the fire, and the river, and the rocks and sticks, and bus and people. He learned several new words:

Bus, Dirt (Do-it), Fly (Fly-is), Fire (Hot! Hot!). On Saturday we got some ice cream in town and he took one bite and said very excitedly "Uhmmm. This is NUMM-NUMMMM!"

I'm glad we had the chance to get out and let him experience the most beautiful place on earth.