We are in Utah for a little trip. Yesterday we had a fun time doing a little shopping in Salt Lake City with my Mom. I wanted to post a few pictures of our great finds.
This is a little red rocking chair that I found for Vaughn at one of my favorite stores called Home Again (below). It is a consignment store, and every time I go in there I always find some fun little item. As soon as I saw the chair I knew it had to be mine. We might paint it another color though. I personally LOVE the red, but I'm not sure if it will "go" very well in Vaughn's room. Now I just need to find a little kid bookshelf that I can put in his room right next to the chair.
Anyone visiting Salt Lake should go to Home Again. They just opened a new location in Midvale too. They have great stuff that you would never find anywhere else, at great prices.
These are some cool little blocks called Mag Blocks that I got for Vaughn at a game store. They are supposed to be for older kids, to help with Geometry and spacial reasoning, but while we were at the game store my Mom and Vaughn were playing with these at a table, and it kept Vaughn entertained for about 30 minutes. I thought I better buy them after that! They are cool, and magnetic, and come with little puzzle cards for older kids to make shapes. I think I've had as much playing with them as Vaughn.

And no trip to Salt Lake City with Vaughn is complete without stopping at The Children's Hour book store. I got this cute little Piggies book for Vaughn, and then Grandma spoiled him with this button book.

The buttons come out of the book and are attached to ribbons that you then attach to the different pages of the book. This has also kept Vaughn entertained for quite some time. He loves it. Thanks Grandma!

Then I spoiled myself and got this book, I am Scout. It's a biography of Harper Lee, and is intended for young adult readers, but hey...there's still a kid in me! I'm already quite into it, and am really enjoying it. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favoritist books. I still remembering reading it for the first time in Miss Van's class in 10th grade. She was the coolest English teacher ever.

Last, but not least, we had lunch at Great Harvest on 9th and 9th, and then stopped at Liberty Park and fed the ducks. Vaughn LOVED the ducks. He's been really into them lately. Just last week he put a little boat in his mouth, with the point sticking out (like a beak), and came right up to my face and said "Quack Quack!" It really cracked me up.
We are having a great time with family and friends here. I'll post more when we get home!