My Husband, The Jazz Hating Jerk

First things first. I love my husband. I really do. But I don't like him while watching Jazz games. I told him during the last two Jazz games that if he didn't shut it, I would dedicate a post on the blog about what a jerk he is. He just laughed. The following is an excerpt from the Emett Family Forum, which is a site that my brother set up, which allows my family to discuss any topic from politics to sports:

Different year....same old Jazz.. It really was Deja Vu tonight except instead of dissapointed fans walking out of the Salt Palace, Delta Center (or whatever else it may have been called through the years) it was Energy Solution something arena. No longer Stockton and Malone in the white/purple/green it was Williams and Boozer in white and light blue. Different personell....same place... same result. The jazz are much like the Nephites of old....they are humble (don't have a good season)...become prosperous (best home record in NBA)...become prideful (win first round) and then are humbled in the playoffs. After all.. since they are in Utah they are the Lords team right? The comeback was good...yes...the Lakers should have been scared....but......"almost" has been the entire history of the Jazz. They have always lacked one thing and they never seem to ever address getting a center that can actually play and draw some attention in the post...Williams is one of the best point guards in the NBA...that is hard to argue...Boozer is good every once in awhile (when he's not complaining about calls)... Kirelinko looks like an anorexic Ivan Drago, Okur always looks a little confused...Maybe if they bring back Ostertag they can together figure out what is actually going on......Korver needs to worry a little less about his hair and mascara running and more about getting the ball to Williams. Maybe next season..Sloan is running out of time...patience..health. Years from now when disapointed Jazz fans are walking out of Totally Awesome Computer Arena..They can go grab some five buck pizza and think back to the good old days. The Lakers beating the Jazz...oh wait! I'm sorry, I forgot the Jazz have never been beaten outright by anyone..It's the officials.. they always give games to the other team.

You try watching a game with him. Seriously. This is what I listen to the entire time (only even worse). I seriously need some trash talking lessons. I don't know why growing up with six brothers I'm not more skilled in this department, but he's a Sonics fan. I know SONICS! They totally suck. I like my brother Blake's reponse on the family forum:

I thought we might see a Rick post after this. I just want to bear my testimony about the jazz. If you want the details you can PM me, otherwise, just know that I KNOW that the jazz are true and that with faith the jazz can someday overcome the adversity of the tainted refs.

I too would like to add my testimony of the Jazz. I know the Lord will let us conquer, just to put Rick in his place.