You may want to try this too...

Last week I heard the suggestion of starting an email account for your baby and/or kids, so that you can send them emails while they are growing up. I loved the idea, so I decided to start one today for Vaughn. I just sent him his first email.

At first I didn't know just exactly what I would want to say to him, and was thinking that since I'm already doing a blog to document our life, it might be a little too much, but I was wrong. It was so sweet to write him a personal letter. It made me all teary eyed wtiting the letter, just thinking of how much I love him, and being able to express that personally to him. I also got to give him little updates of things that he said and did this weekend. Hopefully years down the road these will be something special to him. I also can't help thinking (as horrible as it is to think), that if something ever happened to me, I really want him to know how I feel about him in a very direct and personal way.

I wanted to give all our friends and family his email too. It is:


If you ever want to send him an email, telling him what a great little guy he is, or whatever you may want to say to him, please do!

I'll start one of the new baby too when he is born. We have decided to hame him Mason Rick Harris. I let Rick pick out this name, since I picked Vaughn out. I'm really starting to like it. We call him Mase, or MR. H. Vaughn calls him "bebe Masom," and then says "Yeah" and claps after he says it.