Happy 4th To All!

A late happy 4th to everyone!

We had a nice visit with my parents for the weekend. On Friday we went to In and Out Burger for lunch and had us some very American burger, fries and shakes, and then came home to nap and relax. We made some yummy pasta that Kat posted on her blog, and my favorite strawberry shortcake recipe from the Martha Stewart recipe book for dinner. Then we shot off some fireworks in front of the house. Vaughn liked most of them except the ones that were really loud. Then Saturday morning we went swimming and then me and my Mom got pedicures, which are a nice little luxury since I can't reach my toes anymore to paint them, and I highly doubt I could convince Rick to put his artistic talent to painting my toes for me. She took me out to lunch and we had some great panini sandwiches and smoothies. Then my Mom and Dad were nice enough to watch Vaughn on Saturday night so that Rick and I could go on a date (Thanks Mom and Dad!). We had a light dinner and then went to see Wall-E. I thought it was OK, but Rick really didn't like it. He said it was way too politically correct and they want to make us all feel like stupid fat Americans who are destroying the environment etc. etc. etc. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. Do any of you have any good movie recommendations? We are in need of a good flick. It was nice for just the two of us to get out though, and even nicer to have my parents for a visit. They are always so great with Vaughn, and so sweet and helpful to us. Vaughn loves "Gama and Gampa" and has been talking about them ever since they left.
We love you Gama and Gampa!