The KKK Took My Baby Away

But it's totally punk.

I dedicate my newest song on the sidebar to Vaughn. The Ramones are the coolest. So, here is the conversation that led to these sad sad pictures:

  • Me: Rick, lets give Vaughn a mohawk. That would be so cool. Can you do it? I don't know how to use the clippers.
  • Rick: Sure, that'd be RAD.
  • Me (20 minutes later): What in the sam h-e-double hockey sticks have you done to our child? (panic settling in).
  • Rick: What? You said you wanted him to have a mowhawk.
  • Me: NO. I wanted it to be short on the sides and a little longer on top. You SHAVED his head. He looks like a skin head or something.
  • Rick: That is not a mohawk. That is called a flat top.
  • Me (almost crying): Well it looks awful! Can't you fix it?
  • Rick: But it's totally punk.

And that is how we started this weekend off.

What do you think is worse?

  1. Bringing your almost-two year old to church with a baseball cap on
  2. Bringing your almost-two year old to church sporting an awful mohawk
  3. Making your husband stay home with your almost-two year old, because you are ashamed of what you have done to him, don't want people looking at you or your child funny, and explaining a hundred times why he looks that way, and that it's your fault he looks that way because you told your husband to give him a mohawk

Well, after much pondering I chose 3, but it wasn't just because of that. I came home and Rick and I worked on him, and it looks a little better, but there is only so much you can do when the sides of his head are completely bicked. Poor kid. Good thing hair grows back quickly, and he looks cute in a baseball cap.

So moral of the story: Don't ever let Rick touch our children's hair again. Lesson learned.