Lean, Mean, Cleanin' Machines

Natalie, Jane, and Janet
A few months ago, my good friend Natalie had the idea of starting a cleaning group, of which I was extremely excited to join, because lets just face the truth-- domestic goddess is not on my resume.
So once a week Natalie, Janet and I (and hopefully a new member or two in the near future) rotate houses and work on whatever project that person would like to work on while our kids play together.
Oh, how I love these girls. They have come to my house to scrub baseboards, clean windows and doors, have great cleaning tips that increase my own skills (did you know you can use newspaper to clean windows, and that a toothbrush is a must-have tool for cleaning baseboards? I didn't.), and they are of course always fun to visit with, and never care if I look like I just woke up.
This picture was taken after scrubbing Janet's bathrooms. I must say that the only thing better than having people come work on a project at your house, is to be able to work on a project that needs a doin' at a friend's house. And it doesn't just have to be cleaning either-- it can be anything that you want to get done with good friends.
I can't wait to see what other ideas we come up with in the future!