Mom's Day Off


So yesterday I got extremely spoiled. For Mother's Day Rick got me a gift certificate to Red Rock Spa so that I could get myself a maternity massage. I've been saving it up for a day that I felt I could really use it, and yesterday was the day. I didn't realize until I called to set up the appointment that when you have a service done at the spa, you get to use all of the spa amenities for as long as you would like that day. That includes a locker with a robe and sandals and a nice little bag of items you might need, a hot tub, a cold plunge, a steam room and sauna (these are all just in the women's locker room-- the men have their own), then a co-ed private salt water pool where you can swim laps, a workout room, and plenty of room inside and out to sit and relax. They give you all the bottled water, juice, fruit and tea you would like as well. They have a wonderful vanity room where you can get ready when you are finished too.

I left early in the morning and got to enjoy a wonderful massage, and hours of reading, swimming and relaxing. It was so nice to have all that time to myself.

When I left the spa, I went to a pool party at my friend Michele's house. We got foot baths and had lots of great food, and had a lot of fun together. These are my friends that I trained with and ran a marathon with before I got pregnant with Vaughn, so it's always fun when I get to see them. They are all so active-- doing Bikram Yoga, and running, and everything in-between. It's really motivating to me to be around people like that, who seem to be able to do it all. It's getting me really excited to have this baby and to get back to running and being the active girl that I used to be.

I left early in the morning and didn't get home until about 5 and enjoyed my day off from Mommy-hood. I don't think I realized how much I needed some time to myself until I got some. It just made me appreciate the things that I have in life-- mainly my husband and little boy-- a lot more. I was so excited to come home and give Vaughn his bath and talk to him about his day, and put him to bed. I'm so grateful to Rick for this really nice gift, and for taking great care of Vaughn all day.

Even though I loved my time at the spa, and with friends, I realize that the greatest thing I have is my family. I would take Vaughn splashing in the bath and getting water all over me and the floor, to the calming spa waters and foot baths any day, him running around naked and screaming over the spa music, and a nice evening and visit with my husband over the relaxing massage any time.

These are truly the best things in life.