Reasons to Smile Today

  • It rained today and I love me a summer rainstorm-- especially in Vegas. Vaughn and I spent some time outside to enjoy it. I remember running around in the neighborhood during summer rainstorms when I was a kid. Sometimes we would even put our swimming suits on and play in the puddles and gutters.
  • Two long and uninterrupted phone calls from good friends Requina and Holli (I think a total of 3 1/2 hours of talking in all). We covered topics from tires, to pregnancies, to miracles, and trips and the housing market and everything in-between. There's nothing like good girly talk with good friends.
  • Behold-- my new LightWedge:

I got it so that when I'm trying to read in the dark and Rick is sleeping away he doesn't keep rolling over to say "turn off the lamp...turn off the lamp...turn off the lamp," and I don't keep saying "just a minute...one more chapter...just a minute." Ahhhh.bliss. To be able to read when one wants to without disturbing their loved ones.

I've also become reconciled to the fact that if we want to transition Vaughn to the "big boy bed" I am going to have to sit in the room with him until he falls asleep-- something I've never had to do before. At first I was upset about this, because I enjoy my freedom in the evenings, but then I decided to look on the bright side: Now I can sit in the room and get some good reading time in-- maybe even make it my scripture reading time (which I regretfully admit I am a slacker in). It also sparked a childhood memory: My Mom sitting in the dim-lit hallway between the two upstairs bedrooms of me and my brothers before bedtime. She would read her books and shush us with her patience, until eventually we would drift into dreams. Have I told you how adorable my Mom is when she reads? She has been legally blind since childhood, but has never let that hold her back from anything. She has these super-strength specialty magnifying glasses and she holds the books right up to her face with the magnifying glass between her and the page. You can tell when she's been reading the newspaper because the tip of her nose gets a little smudged with the print.

  • This came in the mail today:
I read it for the first time at the beginning of the year. It was a last minute grab from the library. I saw it while about to check out and a) loved the cover, b) loved the title, and c) saw that it was a Europa editions whose books I usually like. I guess sometimes you can judge a book by its cover because I am in love with this book. I read it the first time in a day or two and laughed so hard through it that Rick thought something was wrong with me. It was one of my saddest library returns ever. Luckily I got it for just over a dollar from Amazon, so now I can read it as often as I want. And just in case you want a peek at the book here's an excerpt from chapter 2:

"Then there's me, Margherita Dolce Vita. I am almost fifteen, and my hair is blond, with strangely shaped curls-- let's just say that they look sort of like a fusilli farm. I have bewitching blue eyes, but I'm a little overweight. I'd like to wear a pair of those nice tight jeans that ride low and let your belly-button show, but the one time I tried, the jeans exploded while I was on the bus, and three people were injured by flying metal buttons.
"There are times when I wonder if I should try going on a diet, then I decide that if I did lose weight, I'd constantly have to fret about gaining it back, whereas the way I am I don't have to worry. I do reasonably well at school, and when I grow up I'd like to become a poet. My specialty is bad poetry. Think about it: the world is full of mediocre poets, but it's hard to find truly bad poetry. Listen to this one:

I'm Margherita and, as you may have guessed,
I weigh less in panties than I do fully dressed.
"Impressive, don't you think?
"What can I add? I'm a good dancer, despite the extra pound or two and a slight heart problem. I even invent a few steps of my own, because I like to dance in a crowd but I also want to be unique.
"My favorite actor is Anthony Hopkins, in Silence of the Lambs. I think that with a guy like that, at least you'd know right away that you need to watch your step. Mamma says that maybe I'm a little twisted. I hope so. I'd like to think that I am."
And now you have all been introduced to Margherita Dolce Vita. I only wish she wasn't a fictional character.
  • Last reason to smile: At the grocery store today I decided to be nice-Mom and buy Vaughn a bag of dum-dum suckers, one of his favorite treats, to save for special moments. On the way home I gave him one. The drive was going nice until he wanted some of what I was eating. I said "You can have some when we get home," and next thing I know a dum-dum sucker is whirling through the air and sticks right into my hair. Now, I realize that might not seem like a reason to smile, but this is one of my faults in Motherhood-- I think it's hilarious when Vaughn throws his tantrums. I truly do try not to laugh at him-- I don't know what is so funny, actually watching what he does, or the fact that he has such a range of emotions that can go from adorable smiling boy to sticky sucker throwing screamer in a matter of seconds. Am I going to do him damage by laughing at him? Luckily I only lost a few strands of hair, and at the very least Vaughn learned a valuable lesson today-- when you chuck suckers in the car you a) don't get that sucker back, b) don't get another sucker to replace it for the rest of the day, and c) don't get what you were wanting in the first place either. That's right. I may laugh at him, but Mama ain't' no push-over.

Hope you all had a nice day today and a reason to smile too!