Rick's Kyaking Trip

Pictures of Rick's Kayaking Trip to Lake Mead

While I was in Utah Rick took a much needed kayaking trip to Lake Mead. He hasn't been able to go as much as he would like since Vaughn was born, so I was glad he got a chance to get out. It looks so peaceful and fun to me. I can't wait for the day when just the two of us can go, or our family is old enough to all go out together. It will be lots of fun.

Rick camped overnight and then hit the water in the morning and all afternoon and got back that evening. I must say that this is a huge difference between the two of us. I would rather run around the block naked then go camping by myself (I'm not even joking), and believe you me, at eight months pregnant, it wouldn't be pretty. Rick enjoys the time to himself, and finds it relaxing. More power to him! I'm glad he got a fun trip in, doing something he loves.