Tuesday Movie

VCH's First Trip to the Movies

VCH and I spent the morning at the free movie day that they have every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Regal Village Square on Sahara. We watched about 20 minutes of cartoons before the movie, and about 20 minutes of Charolette's Web once it started, which is longer than I thought we'd be there. Great thing about taking a two year old to a free movie is that you don't care if you have to leave after 40 minutes.

Mamma hooked him up with some popcorn and sprite, because I'm cool that way. It reminded me of old school Sandy when we would go to the free movies at the Sandy Starship during the summer and we'd get little boxes with popcorn a drink and a piece of candy. Of course back then it only cost a dollar a box, and they weren't as big as a toddler (believe it or not those are the smallest sizes they had). We'd sit on the front row because my Mom was blind, and we thought those were the best seats in the house. I didn't realize that the front seats were the worst until I was a teenager and was mocked by my friends. I felt like I had been so lied to my whole life. :-)

Vaughn loved the pigs in the movie, but he got a little scared when Wilbur was out in the rain, rolling around in the mud. He kept saying "Oh no! Pig. Oh no!" That's about when we cut out. I'll have to rent the movie and watch the rest of it. I thought it was cute.