Vaughn's Favorite Cartoon

Tom and Jerry-- Puppy Love

While we were traveling to and from Washington we flew Virgin America, which we give a HUGE two thumbs up to. Not only were the flights more than half the price cheaper than any other airline we checked, they also have a great in flight entertainment center called RED, which allows you to watch free satelite TV, chat online with others, play video games, build your own playlists (they have a selection of thousands of songs), and watch music videos etc (all for free). They even give you your own set of headphones for free, and you can pay for movies if you would like to as well.

We discovered on one of the flights that Vaughn really liked the Tom and Jerry cartoons. We had it on cartoon network and they just happened to be playing one of the cartoons. Vaughn has never liked watching anything on TV except baby neptune, so I was excited that something caught his interest. When we got home I set to record all the Tom and Jerry cartoons on our DVR. He loves watching them. He laughs at all the right parts and gets up and dances with the music.

The above video is now his favorite. Now that he's seen it, he doesn't want to watch any of the other ones. He always points to the TV and says "cat, mouse...puppy!" When he watches it, he gets so excited when the puppy's come out of the bag, and says "Oh no!" when the puppy almost falls off the cliff, and laughs when Jerry scoops the puppy up with a spatula. He always wants his blanket and some milk when the puppy is drinking milk, and curls up with the blanket, and then gets concerned again when they go out into the rain.

I think it's a great cartoon. I'm glad he likes something besides baby neptune. They just don't make cartoons like they used to. Good thing they play re-runs on TV all the time of the good ol' classics.