Vaughn's First Trip to the ER

Vaughn hasn't been feeling well for a few weeks. It started off as a cold, but then he's had diarrhea and hasn't been eating or sleeping well, and has had a slight fever on and off. I've been blaming it on the fact that he has his last two bottom eye teeth coming in, and the not sleeping well because we just transitioned him into a "big boy bed."

Last night he woke up about 9:30 pm and came into our room. When I picked him up he was burning up. I took a rectal temp. and it was 104, so we decided we better head to the hospital and get him checked out. I just didn't want him to have to suffer all night if he needed antibiotics or something like that.

He was so sweet on the drive there and kept saying "dark...lights...wed (red)...geen lights...moon" in his sweet little voice. I was feeling really bad because I've been so frustrated with him this last week because he keeps getting up at night and has been so grouchy, and here he is sick and not feeling well.

The hospital visit was pretty awful. I call it "torture Vaughn night." They had to give him an I.V. and a catheter, and he of course was screaming bloody murder, making both Rick and I want to cry. The nurses were great with him, even though they were torturing him, and loved him. They thought he was a very cute and sweet little guy. He kept saying "All done. Okay. All done," after they were through poking and prodding him. They even gave him a Popsicle which eased his pain a little.

All of his tests came back okay. They said that he just has a viral infection. I'm glad we got him checked out though just to be sure. He's feeling much better today, and the temperature is back to normal. He seems to be feeling better, and hopefully he'll be back to 100% soon.