We had a wonderful reunion with Rick's family on the Washington Coast, at Ocean Shores. Thanks Kaylynne for planning this, and everything you and your family did! It was so much fun.

On our second day on the beach, they were having a sand sculpting contest. We didn't actually enter into the competition, but we should have, because the sculpture Rick's family built was sweet. Rick's got major artistic talent in his family. They sculpted this guy (who looks a lot like my old boss, I must say) in just a few hours. Vaughn liked helping out and hanging with his cousins. He is learning to say every one's name, and adores all the aunts and uncles and cousins. He was in heaven.

He also adores suckers. This was his first time to the ocean. He had great fun running toward the water, but when the tide would get too close to him, he'd turn around with this terrified look in his face, run towards us, and yell "No way, no way!" I'm glad he's afraid of something.

There were lots of people flying kites. Kaylynne and Rick (her husband's name is Rick too) bought a little Finding Nemo kite for Vaughn which he loved. It was the perfect size for him.

Rick on the coast at Sunset. The weather was PERFECT for this trip. I can't tell you how enjoyable it was to breath in the fresh cool air and have it cool down at night. This is the perfect place to go if you want to escape the heat, but still enjoy the summer sunshine.

We had a family dinner at a campground near the beach. Here is Rick with all his brothers, top left, and all his siblings, bottom left. Rick is the youngest of seven. We were so glad that all of them could be here, even though we missed Craig's wife Holly and several of the nieces and nephews who couldn't make it. We had fun visiting with everyone who could be there.

The day the reunion ended, Rick, Craig, Cole, Vaughn and I took a drive to the Olympic Peninsula and Rainforest and National Park. It was beautiful, and different than anything I've ever seen before.

We got a kick out of this sign at a beach that we stopped at.

The beach was beautiful. It was foggy, and there was driftwood all over, and big green cliffs.

Here's Rick's nephew Cole at the beach.

Here we are at the Rainforest. Green Green Green.

We stayed at Kaylnne and Rick's home for a few days after the reunion before flying back to Vegas. The family went on a trip to downtown Seattle on Monday. I ended up staying home alone for the day trip. You know I've got to be tired when I pass up the opportunity to go to Seattle. For months I've been dreaming of going to Pike Place to get fresh produce and to Left Bank Books, my favorite book store. But when the time came, the thought of staying back and sleeping without having to worry about Vaughn or anything else was just too tempting. Seriously, something is wrong with me. I feel like if I had the chance, I would be like that guy on Office Space after he gets hypnotized and just sleep and sleep and sleep. As much as I missed the outing, it was so nice to just sleep and read, and relax.
I made Rick promise to get me some fresh produce and he didn't disappoint. He came back with fresh peaches that were so good they could make you cry, nummy nummy cherries, and some damn good bread and cheese. Yes...I said damn, because that's just the only way to describe really good bread and cheese. I must say I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to this department, especially bread. I turn my nose up at grocery store bread aisles, and go crazy when I can get some really good stuff. Rick brought back some cheese from Beecher's Cheese, and man was it delish. I love Seattle!

Vaughn chillin' in Kaylynne's backyard.
We had so much fun, and enjoyed ourselves completely. We were a bit depressed coming off the plane to the Vegas summer heat, but all good things must come to an end. We hope to see everyone again soon!