Laugh It Up Chuckles

Since being married and having little Vaughn in our life, I've noticed I laugh a lot more than I used to. Here are just a few of the things that made me laugh this week:

  • Rick and Vaughn were playing on the ground the other day just wrestling and rough-housing, and Vaughn starting saying "Sing!" to Rick, so Rick would sing him classic rock songs and Vaughn would burst out laughing. As soon as Rick would stop, Vaughn would yell "Sing!" again and start the whole cycle over again. Yes, it is ever so hilarious when Daddy sings. One of my favorite memories is when Vaughn was a newborn and we were taking a road trip with him. Rick was in the backseat with him while I was driving, and Vaughn started to get fussy. After a while I noticed that Rick was quietly singing him Who and Led Zeplin songs like they were lullabies. It was so sweet, and calmed Vaughn right down.

  • While I was shopping for nursery snacks Rick said, "You should just get the kids Red Bull and chocolate covered espresso beans and see what they do." This of course cracked me up in the middle of Costco. It would be entertaining at the very least, and would be a quick way to get released from a calling you weren't liking, but don't worry nursery-age parents, I happen to like my calling and won't be doing any social experiments on your kids.

  • The other morning Rick got up with Vaughn while I slept a little longer. After a while Vaughn came upstairs to wake me up. I said hi to him and asked him what he had for breakfast and he said "I eat poo." "Nooooooo," I said "you didn't eat poo for breakfast silly." "Oh," he said, "I eat buttew (butter)....I eat dopples (waffles)."

  • Rick was complaining about Vegas the other day. "This stupid city is so hot. There is no culture-- even the homeless people are boring." This of course got me laughing. "What do you mean they are boring?" I asked. "Well at least in other cities the homeless people talk to themselves and act crazy and hold signs and do stuff," he said, "here they just sit there by the freeway and don't do anything."
  • Yesterday Rick rubbed my belly and in his sweetest voice said "Hi fatso." Now, that might sound mean, but it actually was funny. He is probably the only person alive who could call me fatso when I'm 8 months pregnant and not get stabbed, but he got away with it. Now, if he said it when I wasn't 8 months pregnant? Well that would be another story.
  • At the pool on Friday out of nowhere Vaughn looked at me and said "Mow monies, mow pwoblems." Exactly! This is something that Rick and I will say every so often, but I had no idea Vaughn was picking it up.
  • Last night the last book in the Twilight series came out, so Rick and I started talking about the books (he's never read them. Please. I would die of shock if Rick read a Twilight book). He started asking me about how a vampire can be in love with a regular girl-- "aren't they supposed to drink humans blood?" etc.... So I started explaining that no, there is this small group of vampires in the book that prey on animals so they don't have to kill humans etc... and he says "what like dogs and cats?" and I say "no like bears and stuff" which got him hysterically laughing. "They hunt wild game? Do they get deer and bison and ducks too?" The more I explained the plot of the book, the more we were both laughing. I'm sorry Twilight fans-- I'm not making fun of the book, but it is pretty funny when you are trying to explain the plot to someone like Rick.
  • And lastly...yesterday Vaughn was walking around all morning saying "I love boobies...I love boobies..." What can I say to that? I guess some men were just born that way.