Let the Games Begin!

Some of you may not know this about me, but I am a competitive gal by nature, and love a friendly competition. Because the Olympics have just started and we love to watch them around here, and I'm big and pregnant and can't go out and run and swim and pretend like I'm an Olympic athlete, I've decided to start my own little fun game...I like to call it "guess how fat my baby is." And you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home or break a sweat to play...all you have to do is make a comment on my blog to win one of these:

That's right. Just make a comment on my blog, guessing how big baby Mason is going to be, and you could win. The gold medal win is a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble, the silver medal win is a $15 gift card to Blockbuster, and the bronze medal win is a $10 gift card to iTunes.
There are only a couple of rules to this game: You can only make one guess per person, and I have to know who you are to win-- it's not that I mind people I don't know looking at my blog, it's just that if I'm going to give away gift cards, I want them to go to people I know (you know?).
Whoever guesses the weight, or is closest to it will win first place and so on. You can guess what someone before you has guessed, but whoever guesses closest or exactly first will win gold. I hope that makes sense. After the baby is born, I will send these to the winners. Good luck!
Here are some pictures which might help you guess:

This is me at 38 weeks with baby Mason. I am trying to do a natural delivery, so I could go quite a bit longer. They say in the last little bit of pregnancy that the baby can grow a half pound a week.

This is me at 40 weeks when I was pregnant with Vaughn. I think it was my uncle Kent who started calling him Vaughnzilla after I emailed this picture to my family. Spot on. Vaughn was 10lbs. 5oz. and was born at 42 weeks.

So all of you who check my blog, make a guess! This should be fun.