Surprise Baby Shower!

Top: Taren, Denett, Becky, Emilee, Desere'e, Me, Janet, Kate
Middle: Diane, Jenie, Sara, Emily, Kelly
Bottom: Rachel, Natalie, Kate

Last Tuesday cute Kelly threw me a surprise baby shower. The surprise was a success. I thought we were having a get together at Kelly's house with some friends. At first I was thinking, humm...maybe this is a surprise party for Kelly, and everyone is yelling surprise because we're a little late and they don't want us to feel bad that we missed the surprise part so they are saying it again, but then I realized that Kelly was looking at me and saying surprise too, so that didn't quite fit. Then I thought, well maybe this is a surprise party for Janet (who drove me there) because she's moving...but she's just moving down the street, so why would we do a party for her? And her birthday isn't until next month. Then I looked behind me to see if there was anyone else everyone might be yelling surprise to. I think it was then that Kelly and Janet said "Jane, this is a surprise baby shower for you!" Yeah...I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed.
I'm so grateful to Kelly and Rachel who helped out with it, and everyone who came. It was so fun, and made me feel loved, and got me really excited to put this new baby in all the cute new clothes and things that people got us. I had a great time playing the fun games they had, and visiting with friends.
I love the words Family and Friends that Kelly has in her living room that are above us in the picture. This is how I feel about a lot of the friendships that I have gained living here in Vegas. There are so many great girls that I love and who are such great examples to me-- even the ones that I don't know very well yet. I remember praying a few years back to help me find some friendships here. I was feeling lonely and missing my family. I feel that God has answered my prayer with more than I could have asked for. I only hope I can be as good of a friend as others have been to me.
Thanks girls! You're the best!