A Walk Down Memory Lane

I think the pregnancy hormones have officially taken over. On Saturday night, I did my usual routine, which is to look in on Vaughn before I go to bed. Sometimes I just like to watch him for a minute or two and watch him breathe (I know that sounds weird, but it's calming to me, since most of the time he's on the go, go, go). On Saturday night though, while patting his sleeping back and head, I was filled with such a feeling of sadness, which led to the full waterworks-- He's not my baby anymore. It makes me cry even now, thinking of it. Don't get me wrong-- I've enjoyed every stage that he's in, and I'm happy that he's growing and learning and developing. I'm also so excited to have a new little baby, and for the two of them to have each other. I think that with this new baby on the way, it's just really kicking in that the baby that he was has gone away. Plus, in the last few months he's grown up so much. He's talking so much, and learning so much, so fast.
I decided to do a post of some of my favorite Vaughn baby pictures and memories (Warning: Huge picture and video overload). I'm doing it for two reasons: 1) It makes me feel better and 2) I'm publishing my blog into a book at the end of the year, and we didn't start blogging until Vaughn was about a year, so none of these pictures and videos are documented here yet.
So here goes...

This was taken right after Vaughn was born. I thought he was the cutest thing I had ever seen. The first thing I asked (since I couldn't see him right away since I was draped for my c-section) was "Is he cute?" I had no reason to worry. I remember the nurse saying "This one came out ready for kindergarten!" I knew he would be big, but when they said 10lb 5oz I was shocked.

I love this picture of Rick and Vaughn. I was so sick after the c-section (about 13 hours of constant throwing up etc...) and I couldn't hold Vaughn or nurse him. That made me really sad, but every time I looked up Rick was holding Vaughn, feeding him, talking to him, and taking care of him. I don't think I've ever appreciated Rick so much. I was so grateful (and still am) that Vaughn was being born to such a wonderful Daddy.

These were taken after I was finally feeling better and able to hold him. I just love his sweet little face looking up at me. He was such an armful and so strong! He could move his head around and everything.

So cute. My little angel.

Okay, this one is kind of random, but it still makes me laugh. This is the hospital food at Summerlin. If you have your baby there, plan on eating out, or bringing your own food. Trust me-- you won't want to eat it. We took this on our last day there. I had already told them after my first attempt at eating one of their "meals" that they didn't need to bring me anymore, but they still did. I'll never forget Rick's face when he opened the lid of the tray. I said "what is it?" and he said "I have no idea...it looks like a slug on a piece of bread." We both laughed until we were practically crying after we looked at it. I think the menu called it "The Hot Beef and Swiss Sub." Yum!

Our first day home...

I love his chubby face and coloring in this one. I loved this outfit that I got from my friend Michelle at my shower. He looked so cute in it.

Top Left: This is my Dad, Vaughn, who we named Vaughn after. He has always been such a great Dad, and has so many wonderful qualities, that I knew I wanted to name my first boy after him. I'm so glad no one took it first!
Vaughn got this cute Seahawks outfit from Rick's brother John. I love these pictures with his Daddy.

These were our first visitors from my family. It was so fun to have everyone here. My niece Grace just adored Vaughn and wanted to feed him and take care of him. It was so cute. I'll never forget when I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant Paul and Beth and Grace and Isaac were here for a visit, and Grace was sitting on the bathroom counter doing makeup with me, and she patted my belly and looked up at me with the sweetest face and said "Your baby is so cute." I love my family, and am so glad they made the trip here!

What a cool little guy. This is an outfit that my cousin Shelly got for Vaughn and I loved it. He looked so cute in it.

Vaughn's first Halloween. Such a happy baby. My sister-in-law Sally made this adorable hat. I'm excited that Mason is going to be born in the same season that Vaughn was, so that we can use the same things again.

This is my beautiful Grandma Fitzgerald. She came to live with us, to take care of Vaughn while I worked for the first 7 months of his life. She took such good care of him, and I never once worried about him while she was taking care of him. It was so wonderful having her here. Not only did she do our laundry (trust me-- we never expected her to-- she's just really good at it, and actually likes doing it), but I felt like I learned so much more about her life growing up, and who she is as a person. It was a priceless experience, and one that I will be eternally grateful for.

Vaughn's punk rock beginnings.

These were taken in Arizona at Rick's sister Peggy's house. I just love his face in both of them.
Just look at that face. Need I say more?

And finally...Here are a few videos that I love:

This one makes me laugh, because Vaughn was constantly moving from the very beginning. This is exactly what it felt like when I was pregnant with him. People would ask me if he was an active baby and I would say that I thought he was extremely active, but I had nothing to compare it to. This is no exaggeration. Whenever he was laying down he was constantly moving like this. No wonder he wears me out so much now. He just loves to move!

Here is Vaughn playing the "drums" with his cousin Cole.

This was taken at 18 months. It gets better after the first 30 seconds. I love a good belly laugh!