Sweet Child of Mine

Just a few pictures I thought I would share...

Mason is doing okay so far. He's a little fussy because we've had to supplement with formula until I can meet with a lactation specialist tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get this pain that I've been experiencing with nursing under control. The poor kids system doesn't know what's going on. His tummy hurts. But he is very sweet and cuddly, and sleeps a lot.

Here is Vaughn in his monkey gear. Rick got him his monkey hat from REI a while ago and Vaughn loves it. I got him the monkey harness when I was pregnant because he was getting too fast at getting away from me and I was getting too big to chase after him. He loves both of them.

Are there any two year olds who don't pick their noses? I happen to think it's cute-- but only in small children. Oh...he's also decked out in his Seahawks gear. All three boys-- Rick, Vaughn and Mase geared up, only to find out they weren't televising the game. Rick is bummed because they aren't televising any of the games this season. Bummer.

Vaughn had so much fun with "Gama, Gampa." He talks about them every day. They got him this scooter for his birthday, and he already knows how to use it!

Mase makes the funniest faces. We are always laughing at them. If you get too close to him he gets cross-eyed.

Our little man. So sweet.

Vaughn seems to be adjusting well to Mason. He loves holding him and pointing out all of his body parts (eyes, ears, nose etc...). Sometimes he plays with his feet and calls him "Monkey Toes."

I love my boys. This morning I was having another crying spell over the phone to my Mom. I'm just experiencing the hormonal wackiness that us women are so lucky to experience. My Mom said "just pretend that you're happy and you will feel better." After getting off the phone Vaughn started singing, and I realized that he was singing "I Am a Child of God." It is the first time I've ever heard him sing it, and it was really touching to me. I thought I don't need to pretend. I AM happy. Just experiencing technical difficulties really, but we'll get over it soon enough.

On a totally random note...this is the toy that Vaughn got yesterday in his Happy Meal. I threw it away this morning because it sort of freaked me out when I looked at it. Maybe you have to see it in person to get the full effects. "Happy Meal" my butt. :-)