We went to a ward Trunk-or-Treat party on Saturday night with the boys, and had lots of fun. Vaughn caught on very quickly, and walked to each of the cars holding his little candy bag up saying "tick-o-feet." So far we're enjoying our Halloween adventures.

It was fun to get them all dressed up. We got this cute little ghost shirt and hat from my friend Natalie, and we dressed Vaughn up in the same costume that he wore last year (hey, it still fits and he doesn't remember already wearing it!).

May the force be with you. Check out his cute little ghost vans. They are his favorite shoes (and mine too). Cute Kandyce gave them to him.

Our little pumpkin. I've been putting Mase in his adorable hat that my sister-in-law Sally made. Today we went to a puppet show at the library and then to Trader Joe's for some groceries, and boy-oh-boy did Mr. H get some compliments.

He's the cutest sweetest baby, and I'm loving him more each day (especially smiles like this one!).
Hope you're all having a fun Halloween week!