Halloween Catch-up

Yes, I realize that Halloween is long gone, but I'm a little behind in blogging. I'm hoping to get a few posts up this week. Halloween was very fun this year. Here are some pictures from our fun week:

We still haven't finished off the Halloween candy. I'm ready to just throw it away and call it a year, but they do make really good bribes sometimes...This pictures sums it all up. If Vaughn gets his hands on his candy he clings to it and says "my candy, my candy, mycandymycandymycandy..." You get the point.

Vaughn and Rick carved two really great pumpkins this year. Sadly we have no pictures of the finished product. Then we roasted some yummy pumpkin seeds and turned out the lights and oohed and awhed at our pumpkins.

Vaughn loves doing anything with Rick. He had so much fun.

Vaughn and his friend Zach had the same costume (unplanned). I think they make the cutest little Yodas ever. This was taken at a party at my friend Kelly's house, and I could not get Vaughn to sit still for a picture. He was obsessed with the Oreo cookies and the goodies set out.

Me and my little pumpkin at Kelly's party. Snug as a bug in a rug.

Here are just some of the kids at the party. It was lots of fun.

Vaughn pumpkin bowling. He liked throwing the pumpkin, but didn't quite understand that he was supposed to knock some pins over.
Now we are way excited for Thanksgiving. We have some of Rick's family coming to visit. It will be our first major holiday spent at home. We've been telling Vaughn for weeks now who is going to be visiting, and he can't wait either. I love this time of year!