This really should be 4 or 5 separate posts, but if I keep waiting for time to do it, it just won't happen. I had a dream last night that my friends husband was lecturing me about blogging. He told me (in a scolding voice) that I should only have ONE picture per post, and to keep the writing short, sweet, and to the point.

Well...I'm not about to let anyone boss me around, so I'm going to put a bunch of pictures on here, and go on as long as I can. hehehe.

Here are some pictures from Mason's blessing Day, and weekend. He was blessed on the 1st of this month, and my ENTIRE family (minus one brother Scott and his wife Heidi) traveled down from Utah, just to be here for it. It was awesome.

My friend Janet let my family crash at her house, since they were out of town that weekend. What a gal (a very brave gal). Hopefully we didn't do any permanent damage.

Here's a cute picture of my baby brother Craig and his beautiful fiance, Rebecca. He's the last one of us to get married, and I'm so excited for the wedding on December 27th. The bottom two are my Mom on the hammock with my nephew Lucas, and my Grandma holding Mason. Rick set up a hammock in our backyard, and I have to say that it is wonderful on these cool evenings to sit out there and look up at the stars. Rick and Vaughn will lay out there together sometimes after Rick gets home from work, and they just talk and point at things in the sky. It's so cute.

The blessing went so well. Rick gave a beautiful blessing, and it was a touching church service for me. It was so nice to sit there with my own little family that I love so much, and then to be surrounded by the family I grew up with and love so much, and then to be even further surrounded by my ward family that I've come to know and also love so much. Life is truly good.

Some friends and I went to the petting zoo near Red Rocks a few weeks ago. We had a lot of fun. Vaughn loved the animals and running around. He wasn't afraid of any of them. He'd walk right up to them, and smile his big smile and give a big "HI!"
I'm really trying to work on patience with Vaughn. He is so full of energy, creativity, and curiosity, and he doesn't seem to have any sense of boundary. He will just run away from me and never look back. At the petting zoo I yelled at him really loud, because I was afraid he was about to run right into the duck pond. I know that it's my behavior that needs to change. Yelling at him doesn't help him, and only worsens the situation. I find that one of the hardest parts of motherhood is finding how to discipline. I want to let him have freedom and high self esteem, but I don't want him to die running into the road or something else. hummm...something to work on and think about at least.

Thanks Brown family for the cute Seahawks gear and gift card you sent! Mason looks adorable in it. Rick had to put Mason in it as soon as we received the package. I had to include one picture of Mason crying. He's crying because the Seahawks are having such a miserable season. It's so sad, I know.

I'm so in love with this little boy. He's finally out of the fussy business. I decided to try cutting all dairy and fried foods out of my diet, and presto! almost overnight he started sleeping solid blocks at night (6 or 7 hours, and then wake up and eat, and then go back to sleep for another 3 or 4 hours), and is much happier all day long. His reflux also pretty much disappeared, and his skin looks better. Sigh of relief coming from this Mom. Sleeping is SO underrated.
He is starting to coo and talk a lot. He loves it when I sing to him. His whole face just lights up, and he smiles and starts singing with me. It's so dang cute. He still loves to be held and right next to me. At night, after his feeding, I let him sleep with me in bed. He has to curl right up next to me. It makes me laugh.

And just because...
Here's a picture of our little Vaughnster when he was 6 months old. I ran across this while pulling pictures for this post. I LOVE this picture. Vaughn is just the sweetest, cutest little guy. It makes me want to go wake him up right now and tell him how much I love him.
I didn't take a picture of this but...
Two weekends ago I was really wanting to go camping to Zion. I just love it there in the fall, and thought it would be a nice little family get-away. Rick just thought it was a bad idea, since it gets so cold there at night, and Mason is still so young. Since I couldn't convince him to go to Zion, I thought it would be great if we camped in our backyard. It would still be fun, and it would be a good trial to see how camping was with two young kids.
Rick was right. The baby kept waking up (this was before I cut the dairy out), and crying, which was waking Vaughn up. Vaughn kept rolling onto Rick's head and saying "Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy!" He also kept saying (like 100 times at least) "Time Wick (Rick), Time Wick?" He kept saying that because I had asked Rick what time it was. Anyway...we ended up coming back into the house by midnight. It was a fun experience all the same, but boy was I glad we weren't in Zion canyon! I still want to go camping, but I think we can wait a few more months.