Circle of Friends

Today was a bit of a grey day. Nothing serious really. Vaughn, and I got strep throat a few days ago, and are now recovering quite nicely (thank you Alexander Fleming for bringing us Penicillin), so today was Rick's turn to go to insta-care feeling awful. It's never fun to see your loved ones feeling awful.

So I spent the entire morning by myself with the boys, and no car to go to church (our insta-care here is nothing like the IHC ones at home. On a good day you'll spend a good 2 hours just waiting to be seen). Anyway...I don't know when I became someone who is sad that they can't go to church. I was the girl who would sit in sacrament flipping through the hymn book saying "in the bathroom" after every title and laugh until I would get some serious you had better knock it off, or else looks from my parents. The girl who crushed up her smarties in Sunday school and pretended to snort them (I still don't know how I knew how to do that. I have never in my life seen someone actually snort drugs). The girl who made her teachers cry. You get the point. Man, I really hated church.

But now I love it. I leave feeling a little bit better about myself-- inspired, and wanting to work on some area in my life that I can improve. So I was sad I couldn't go. And I felt lonely staying home all day without Rick.

Then I attempted to clean the house. The downstairs took me 4 hours. Not because it was that messy, but because Vaughn runs around making messes while I'm cleaning, and Mason wants to be close to me all the time (even when he is sleeping). It's almost impossible to clean.

Then I made dinner that nobody liked (including myself). I just threw some chicken, salsa, corn and black beans in the oven, let it cook for an hour, and served it with rice and cheese on the side. I was trying to be creative-- but yuck.

So then I had a sudden memory flash of my favorite song to listen to when I'm feeling a little down and lonely-- Edie Brickell's Circle of Friends. I don't know why sad songs make me feel better-- they just do (this one does at least). Man do I love this song. It might even be on my top ten list of favorite songs (if I had one). So I of course had to put it on repeat and sing all my sadness away. I have it at the top of my playlist for you if you want to listen too.

This is the song that I used to listen to every time I broke up with a boyfriend, and since I didn't meet Rick until I was 25, there were plenty of break-ups, and plenty of this song to be had. I am SO glad those days are OVER. But now that I've been with him, I completely forgot about this song. I was happy to remember it. I know that sounds weird. It just reminded me of all those sad break up moments when I just wanted to find someone wonderful to share my life with-- to raise a family with. And then I was able to look up and see that that is exactly what I have now--everything I wanted back then, and more.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.