Adults Only and Birthday Party

We had lots of Christmas parties and celebrations while in Utah. On the 23rd we had an adults only party and gift exchange at the church, and had a little birthday celebration for me too. It was lots of fun.

Vaughn loved doing "heavy heavy hangover thy poor head" and hitting me over the head with my gifts.

Mason and pretty Heidi

I guess it was an adults only party with quite a few kids! The babies were allowed, but then I ended up taking Vaughn, because my Grandma who I was planning on babysitting, fell the night before, and broke her ankle. I felt terrible about it. She slipped on the ice while walking her dog. We were staying with her. She ended up having to get surgery on it this week. I hope she will heal quickly and well!

Amanda got a nice shot of Vaughn licking my cake before anyone got any. Sneaky little bugger. :-) He's got one huge sweet tooth. Hummmm...I wonder where he got that from? Don't look at me.

Vaughn had lots of fun during our entire break wrestling with his uncles.

We had a dinner and a gift exchange. My family has what we call a spend-less Christmas. We draw couples, and then make each other presents. This is a picture of part of the gift that we got from Paul and Beth. Beth made us matching aprons, one for me that has a matching one that a little helper can wear (pictured), and then one for Rick that has a matching one that a little helper can wear as well. They are so cute, and I love them! What a great gift that will last us forever. We've already used them a bunch. I think of Beth every time I get them out. I love that Vaughn gets so excited about them, and feels included by wearing his.
After the gift exchange we played Werewolf (It's sort of like Mafia, if you've never played, only better) and Socks-er, which is a game that I think my brother Blake invented. It's like soccer on speed. There two teams, three balls going, and a bunch of Emett's running around on the gym floor in our socks. Rick and I need to get in better shape to be real competitors in that game. Maybe next year!