Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

We got lots of snow this holiday season. We were surprised to wake up to snow in Vegas a few weeks into December. Vaughn had me put on his jacket and shoes on over his jammies so that he could play in the backyard in it.
And what's a kid in Vegas to do in the snow? Ride a bike, of course!

In Utah he got to see what it was all about. His favorite thing to do was to go sledding, and to eat the snow. He kept pulling his gloves off, and eating as much as he could.

I was able to sneak away with my sister-in-law Kim, for a ski trip to my favorite ski resort, Alta. I thoroughly enjoyed a little time away from the kids in the fresh mountain air and snow. I briefly considered the thought of taking Vaughn up the mountain and skiing down with him, until I got onto the lift. Yikes! No way would I let Vaughn on that thing. He would jump for sure. He's crazy that way. Maybe in a couple of years we can take him up.
For any of you who may be going up to Utah (or already live there), and don't already know, Alta has ski free after 3. It was the perfect amount of time for this nursing mama to be away from baby, and still enjoy some runs.