My Mom treated all the girls to get our nails done before the wedding. I thought it was so fun to have all the sisters-in-law to be together-- Rebecca makes us a complete group now! I can't believe all my brothers are married. I don't know how they pulled it off, but they found and married the nicest, most beautiful, talented, and kind group of girls ever. I love these girls!
Top: Sally, Mom, Me, Kim Bottom: Amanda, Claire, Grace, Beth, Rebecca, Heidi

A nice break and treat.

Me and Sally and Mase

Oh Gracie Girl and Claire. How I love you!
They got their nails done, and were quite excited about it. They had these tiny little flowers on them. It was adorable (please dear God, give me a little girl some day. If You ever do, I will surely take her to get her nails done).

Mase adored.

He already likes hanging out with the chicks. My adorable little bald man.