Thanksgiving 2008

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here at home with Rick's family. His sister Peggy and nephew Cole came from Arizona, and then his nieces Erin, Jenny, and Suzana came from BYU and BYU Idaho. It was our first time cooking a turkey and a Thanksgiving dinner so we were a little intimidated, but I thought it turned out great. Oh, and cooking a raw Turkey is disgusting by the way (in case you've never done it). It made me feel like puking. But it tasted good in the end!

The girls were so cute with Vaughn and the baby. Vaughn's talked about them nonstop, and was very sad when all the company was gone. We were too!

Suzie, Vaughn, Jenny, Erin, and baby Mase

Everyone had fun rocking out to guitar hero. Rick even tried to school VCH on it. I think Jenny may have a future as a rockstar. She was impressive.

The only sad thing about the trip is that we all got sick (strep), and we ended up getting other people sick. That made me feel bad. :-( Sorry!

Dad cuddling sick Vaughnster on the couch

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There is nothing better than being with family and friends that you love, enjoying good food and time together.

Thanks Harris family for making the trip to see us!