All About Rick

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Rick at Mason Lake

  1. Where did you meet your husband? We started dating when he stopped through SLC for a few months before he went to get his Masters degree in Redlands, Ca. and the rest is history...
  2. How long did you date before getting married? We started dating in November of '03, and were engaged by September of '04, and were married in January of '05, so just a little over a year.

  3. How long have you been married? 4 years and 1 month.

  4. What does he do that surprises you? He makes me nice little hand drawn cards, and gets me fun little thoughtful gifts. This Valentines Day he named a palm tree after me. I'll have to figure out how to load the file to share with you all. It made me laugh. He's always making fun of those commercials that advertise naming a star after someone, so he made up his own version, complete with a picture of my palm tree, and a map so that we can hike to it. It's on SNWA property. But now I can proudly say that there is a palm tree somewhere in the desert that is named after me.

  5. What is your favorite feature of his? His lips. They are soft and sweet. And I love his cheeks when he's waking up in the morning. He just still looks like a little boy to me.

  6. What is his best quality? He loves and cares for very deeply, those who are close to him. He's loyal, hard working, creative, artistic, smart, strong, and funny. Just to name a few...

  7. Does he have a nickname for you? Janey

  8. What is his favorite food? Cheese, and almost any kind of food that involves really good and fresh seafood.

  9. What is his favorite sport? Figure skating (hehe). If you want to start a conversation with Rick just ask him if you think figure skating should be an Olympic event. It's pretty fun to watch what happens. Football is what he watches the most, although he also seems really interested in basketball, cycling, and sometimes even yachting (BORING!). :-)

  10. When did you first kiss? On our third date. Rick took me ice skating. I thought it was so funny, because the man has many talents, but ice skating just isn't one of them. He spent the whole time clutching the side of the rink. I stayed with him most of the time to visit, but sometimes he would say "just go...just skate." We took a little break and I asked him why he had wanted to go ice skating, and he said that he just thought it would be really cool to take me to the Olympic skating rink to let me skate. And that's when I knew I really liked him. We drove up the canyon, listening to a Tom Petty CD he had burned for me, and at the top of the canyon, we kissed.

  11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? I'm having a really hard time keeping a straight face on this one. Maybe it's that I'm writing this at a late hour. I know, I'm such a perv. No, really...we like hiking at Red Rocks, cooking up delicious meals together, watching movies, playing games and playing Legos with Vaughn together. We have some great conversations while building stuff with Legos.

  12. Do you have any children? Yes. Vaughster and Mase. I do think our DNA makes up some cute little boys.

  13. Does he have any hidden talents? He's really really good at building stuff with Legos. :-) He's also good at badminton, and plays a mean game of scrabble.

  14. How old is he? 39.

  15. What is his favorite music? Classic Rock. I always tease him that his music was just before my time, even though I like a lot of the same stuff he does. His favorite band is The Who.

  16. What do you admire about him? He is strong and steady. I love that he is artistic, and finds ways to use his talents. I love that he has has strong beliefs, but is never dogmatic, or judgmental of others beliefs. I admire his adventurous spirit.

  17. Rick Kayaking

  18. What is his favorite color? Green.

  19. What is unique about him? He loves plaid shirts, and is in denial about it. When I tease him about it, he just says that it's totally grunge, man.

  20. What are some of his favorite phrases? "Mo money, mo problems," and "Women. They spend all your money, and they tell their friends everything." Or anything from The Blues Brothers.

  21. Who said "I love you" First? He did.

    But I said it right after. I love you Rick!