Craig and Rebecca

My baby brother got married on December 27th. I feel bad it's taken me so long to post about it. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. Rebecca is such a beautiful and talented girl, and I'm so glad to have gained a new sister-in-law. Craig is one lucky guy!

Right after the sealing at the Bountiful Temple

The two lovebirds at the wedding breakfast. Rebecca is really talented musically and she played the piano and sang a song to Craig. It was so sweet.

My family at the temple. This was right after going down a hill and my Grandma's wheelchair got away from my Mom. We thought she was going to head right into the snow, but she ended up just fine. It gave us all a scare, and then a laugh!

Man in black. As much as a loved the day, I was a little tired chasing this guy around. I was nervous he would destroy the cake or some other important thing at the reception. He was cute, and enjoyed running around with his cousins, and climbing up the banister.

More pictures of my adorable little nieces. I wish I had a picture of Kaylee too, but I didn't get any. The three of them were so cute to watch, and I think enjoyed looking like little princesses.

Rebecca's colors for the wedding were royal blue and silver. When I asked Claire what color her dress was she said in the cutest little voice "It's Royal blue." It made me laugh.

Me and all of my sisters-in-law at the reception.