How to Spend a Sick Day

We have 2 kids, with 2 ear infections, 2 horrible coughs, have spent the last 2 nights up with them. We managed to have a wonderful day though. I decided that next time they are sick, this is the only way to go. Today I:
  • Got to sleep in until 9, because I have the nicest husband around, and he got up and took care of both babies in the morning.
  • Woke up to a wonderful rainy day. Perfect for a sick day inside.
  • Played Lincoln logs with Vaughn
  • Spent a little time in insta-care with the baby, but took a friend along which made it actually very enjoyable.
  • Enjoyed a nice lunch at Cafe Rio
  • Built a fort with Rick and Vaughn
  • Wrestled with Rick and Vaughn
  • Played hide-and-seek with Rick and Vaughn
  • Played light bright with Vaughn
  • Traced our hands and drew pictures on the etch-a-sketch
  • Read stories, sang, and kissed their sick little heads goodnight hoping they'll feel better soon.
  • Actually posted something on my blog. I have plans to post more often. My plan should work great in theory, but I'm not promising anything.
  • Am about to go spend time reading, eating popcorn, and hanging out with my wonderful husband.

I can't say I'm hoping for more sick days, but there's nothing like a day like this to pause the craziness, and just focus on my boys, and remember how much I love each of them.